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Promoting diversity and equality in the workplace first requires a code of practice put into action. Everyone in the workplace must be aware of this code of practice. Whether it’s through monthly meetings, a company newsletter or magazine, make sure that people know and understand that a policy is in place and enforced. Research shows that promoting equality helps everyone feel valued and this, in return, helps boost motivation, creativity and productivity. Managers and administration must demonstrate the stance on their code of behavior, that is, “walk the walk” as an example to employees or students, etc. It may also help to ask employees and staff views in meetings on how to make for good employee relationships, how to value and respect differences, whether they feel it’s fair or not. Companies, businesses, school administrators must be proactive.

In summary, to promote equality:
Review current position and/or code of ethics.
If no policy is currently in effect, develop an equality policy and action plan.
Work together to promote equality and good employment practice
Offer specific guidance
Hold equality classes and training
Deal properly with complaints and grievances immediately
Monitor progress

The effects of promoting equality:
Increased staff and employee confidence
Increased productivity, creativity and motivation
Better management skills
Improved interaction between employees/students of different cultures and backgrounds
A positive boost in company/school reputation

Diversity in the workplace focuses on the differences that people bring to an organization. As a concept, workplace diversity is considered to be inclusive of everyone. It is about learning from others who are not the same as ourselves, and also about respect for all, regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual preference. Workplace diversity creates workplace environments and practices that encourage dignity and an organizational culture that makes differences work for them - not against them.


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